Sudjono Kusnadi Subroto

Commitment and innovation are the core elements of developing and improving a manufacturing business.

Having high curiosity and enthusiasm through continuous learning as well as motivating our solid team become important values in maintaining long term customer's satisfaction.


The automotive industry in Indonesia has been growing rapidly in the last five years. Foreign companies have entered the Indonesian makert opening up new factories and creating new job opportunities. This indicates that there will be high demand of aluminium for the production of automotive products in Indonesia. PT. Rejeki Intilogam Jaya is keen to take part in the opportunity to increase the production capacity of aluminium ingot and expand our business.


As the world is becoming more concerned about environment and illegal logging; aluminium would become a great alternative material that can be used in constructions and other industries that may need aluminium profiles. It can be seen nowadays in many high-rise building constructions in Indonesia. Hotels, apartments, and condominiums have used large amount of aluminium profiles. This is a positive relationship with the movement of aluminium extrusion business which is predicted to grow rapidly in the next 10 years.


PT. Rejeki Intilogam Jaya will continuously conduct research to innovate and improve aluminium products in every aspect of our core business to maximize our product quality through high quality services and long term commitment to our customers.