Scrap materials from our suppliers are initially sorted by our incoming team to check the condition of the materials. The team removes any unwanted materials and other metals in order to have very clean aluminium scraps that are then tested with our spectrometer machine. After the scrap quality is checked and considered acceptable, the scrap materials are moved to the warehouse.



During aluminium production in the furnace, a set of procedures are carried out to maintain a high control of production flow and to make sure high quality aluminium ingots produced in each production cycle. Some automated equipments are also used to produce aluminium ingots in order to get high precision quality and enhance efficiency and effectiviness during production process.



Quality control  measures and methods are used to assure the quality of aluminium ingots. in order to check the chemical composition within the tolerance level from our customers. Test pieces and samples are also taken for our research purposes during each production cycle. Standard procedures for quality is implemented through ISO 9001 with high commitment.



After all quality check and control process has been conducted, aluminium ingots are then produced through the casting line and sent into the packaging area in the finish goods warehouse. Aluminium ingots are labelled and covered into plastic when they are cooled down. Next step is to put aluminium ingots according to our customers' name. When delivery is on the schedule, aluminium ingots are prepared form the place and checked securely before lifting them into the delivery truck. On-time delivery aims to ensure customer satisfaction beyond expectation.


Facilities are very important to accomodate the bussiness process of aluminium ingots. Our supporting facilities forklift, press machine, dust collector, dross treatment, spectrometer, rotary furnace, crucible furnace and trucks.


Our customer profiles are Astra Daihatsu Motor, Cabinindo Putra, Chemco Harapan Nusantara, Suzuki Indomobil Motor, Ihara Manufacturing Indonesia, Inoac Polytechno Indonesia, Mitsuba Indonesia, Mitrametal Perkasa, Makabe Alumi Indonesia, Meiwa Kogyo Indonesia, Ming Hong Industry, Mikuni Indonesia, Nakakin Indonesia and Pokoakuina which involve in two - wheel and four - whell vehicles manufacturers.